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Welcome to The Dry Eye Center

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

Nearly 1 one out of every 10 Americans does. Dry eyes, or dry eye syndrome, is one of the most common eye problems today. People suffering from dry eye are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience discomfort, blurred vision and other problems when reading, using a computer, watching television and driving. 

Find out if you are at risk for dry eye, what the symptoms of dry eye are, and what dry eye treatment options are available. At Name of Practice, our optometrists Drs. Seewell and Seefine specialize in the treatment of dry eye conditions. We believe that our focus and expertise in this area of eye care allows us to provide a superior service to the patients suffering from dry eyes that visit our optometric practice. 

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With offices in Location and Location, our Dry Eye Center has been serving State Name's Region Name for more than XX years. Schedule a dry eye evaluation with Dr. Seewell or Dr. Seefine today.


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blink tearsDo you have dry, irritated eyes? Experience immediate comfort and longer-lasting relief with less blur!  Blink® Tears Lubricating Eye Drops can bring you dry eye relief with every blink.

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